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Wednesday 13th May

Wednesday 13th May 2020


TT Rockstars - BATTLE

Well done Year 3/4!  You have maintained a strong lead in this battle so far.  We now have more than half of our class joining in which is fantastic.  Can you log on for 5 or 10 minutes today to increase your personal total and the overall class score?  Remember, the battle ends at 3pm on Friday. 



As always, try to find some time today to keep active.  We don’t want you spending all day on TT Rockstars!  Joe Wicks’ daily live P.E. session can be accessed here: 


Maybe you are looking for something different to try.  You will find some ideas for physical challenges on our school Twitter page: 

Please do have a look at our Twitter page, if you haven’t already, as a message was posted on there from the staff to the children.



Try to set aside some time for independent reading.  If you would like to complete a Star Reader quiz, but you are struggling to find a book, you can now complete a quiz on one of the many articles that are available on the Accelerated Reader website.  Mrs Scott has created a guide for parents with precise details on how to do this:  

If you have a Lexia or Nessy login, don't forget to keep up with your usage.  Try to spread it out throughout the week in short blocks (i.e. no more than 20 mins at a time).



If you can, print and complete this week’s sheets from Spelling Shed.  If you are unable to print you can copy the lists and practise on paper.


Today’s lesson involves planning and writing your own story along the same lines as Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr FoxPlease do not rush to write the whole story today.  Take time to plan it carefully and begin to write, then you will have the opportunity to finish and illustrate your story tomorrow.


Have a go at one of these Maths lessons on the BBC Bitesize website using the links below: 


Y3 = Divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number


Y4 = Finding the perimeter of a rectilinear shape



As detailed yesterday, this artwork was created by a famous artist called Banksy to celebrate superhero health workers during the country’s lockdown.  You may have heard about it in the news recently.  Did you figure out why he called it ‘Game Changer’?


Today’s question: Who is your superhero?  This could be a real person or an imaginary character.  Talk to someone at home about why this person or character inspires you.  Maybe you will be motivated to create some artwork around the theme of superheroes, just like Banksy.  If you do, then please share it with us by sending a photo to our class email address, or by saving your artwork on the Purple Mash website if you choose to do it online.