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Tuesday 6K W3

Hello year 6:

Please continue to warm yourselves up each day. Maybe today is the time to try an activity from the links below.


Max Whitlock gymnastics warm-ups

British Cycling Ready Steady Ride


The 2.6 challenge



Spelling Shed practice first please.

SPAG: A bit of a revisit to the subject-verb agreement work. Watch the video below to remind you of what subject-verb agreement is and then have a go at the questions.

Next, go back to your Arachne writing and check that all of your subject and verbs agree correctly.



We will continue to focus on equivalent fractions by just zoning in on simplifying fractions. This means we must also practice finding the common factors of numbers.

  1. Watch the video below to help out with today.
  2. Questions in Daily Resource. Print and fill in or copy the questions into your book. Email them to me so I can mark them for you.



Thanks to Mr Buis for the science work today. It is looking at friction as we continue to investigate forces after last weeks look at gravity.

There is an investigation to have a go at that uses a few household materials so give it your best shot.

Simplifying Fractions

Still image for this video
A short tutorial on simplifying fractions including practice of finding the highest common factor of 2 numbers.

Subject-verb agreement

Agreement is the art of making sure that sentence parts agree with one another; you want to make sure that your subjects and verbs match up.