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  Suggested Day 

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 Yoga  - The Yogi's Breath - Practise your breathing

  SPELLING SHED  - 10 to 15 mins 

 Reading  - Comprehension questions

 Writing - Head to Miss Bradley's Writing Challenge today and let your creative juices flow.

 WODB - Number problem 2 (Video below)

 White Rose  - Lesson 1- Ratio and proportion

 Art  - Lesson 5

WODB - Number 2

Give me a reason why each number might not fit as part of the group of 4.

Maths | Lesson 1 - Introducing the ratio symbol

This lesson introduces the all important ratio symbol.

Holes - Chapters 16 - 18



Could you please have a look at the questions for the chapters 16 to 18? You do not have to get them all answered now. Take your time to answer them in full. Check the Daily resources.



For your writing today can you head over to the Writing Challenge task from Miss Bradley and take today and any other extra time you need to complete it.




It is art week this week so I thought we would try something a little bit different. It needs a few materials but I have tried to organise it so that you will use objects that most homes might have.

You can find a power point in the Daily Resources to lead you through it.