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Good morning,

This week, as it is the end of the half term, we would usually do some assessment papers to see how you are getting on. So over the next few days I a asking you to complete some of these papers on SATs Companion. Just do the best that you can, that's all I ask.


Sticking with our kindness theme, for the rest of the week I would like you try keeping a Kindness Diary. It will involve noting down an act of kindness for each day. This could be something you do or something that someone does for you.


Pay It Forward Acts of Kindness are contagious


Spelling Shed: 10-15 minutes please (Maths Vocab)

SATs Companion Complete the SPAG quiz

Reading: 20 mins of independent reading



My Mini Maths: Answers in the Daily Resources


Multiply and divide decimals

  1. If you haven't finished the questions from yesterday then complete those first.
  2. Check your answers with the answer sheet in the Daily Resources.
  3. Complete the arithmetic paper in SATS companion 


Afternoon learning

I hope that you had a look through the Olympics information yesterday. If not use the link from yesterday to have a look at it now.

R.E: Lesson 3 

Use the video below to discover the tasks for this weeks R.E. Any resources you need are in the Daily Resources.

End of the Day

Watch the next chapters of Trash. We'll finish it off this week

R.E Lesson 3

Still image for this video

Trash Part 5 - Chapter 1