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Good morning boys and girls!



PE with Joe, or you could make up your own fitness routine again. If you want, you could always send me your workout over on the blog and I'll complete it tomorrow!



White Rose Home Learning - Summer Term - week 2 - Ordering lengths.

You'll be looking at items that are different sizes today and identifying which is the shortest and longest.



Writing sentences with a description.


Watch the video on adjectives if you think you need your memory jogging on what an adjective is, then complete the three activities.



Reading Funny Bones. As you guys know, I love these books! There are three activities to complete with this one too, as we haven't looked at a book like this in a while. I hope you enjoy this, I did!



Pick five words from Spelling Shed and write these in your neatest handwriting. Write them out five times please, as they are only small! Don't forget to add the apostrophe. smiley



Life cycle of a plant

I know some of you have planted seeds and are watching them grow - if you can and you haven't told me yet, I'd love to see a photo!


Watch this video:


Then complete this worksheet below. There is a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star challenge to choose from, so pick which one you feel most comfortable doing. :)


There is also a To Do on Purple Mash if you want to complete that about what a plant needs to grow.

Have a great day, I'll see you tomorrow!


Miss Q heart