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Good morning peeps! Thank you for all the work you are sending my way guys, keep them coming! I was very impressed with your length estimations yesterday!


Warm up


PE with Joe




Lacy lengths.


Please complete todays worksheet on estimating and measuring lengths today. In the document there are three differentiated activities; 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars. Have a look and see which one you’d feel most comfortable doing. You can email me these or send a photo for feedback.



Can you write a factsheet about a minibeast, perhaps of one you can find in your garden? I’ve included a wide selection of templates with different minibeasts on to get you started. You just need to pick one of these! Or of course you can make your own leaflet without the template.





You can listen to David Walliams today if you like, read a book of your choice or if you're on Lexia you could use this time to go on there.




Pick five words from Spelling Shed and write them in your neatest handwriting. laugh




We’re going to spend some time on Purple Mash today working on our coding skills. complete the to do called ‘Fun with Fish’ and follow the instructions. I am a coding novice but really enjoyed completing this task.


And finally, if you're going on a walk today you could complete this scavenger hunt on your way, see what you can find!


Have a fabulous day, I'll see you tomorrow!


Miss Q heart