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Good morning everyone, I hope you are well.


Warmups: Let's try this Cosmic Kids adventure about Dodgson the Dodo.

Dodgson the Dodo | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Maths: we're looking at millilitres today.

Year 2 - Week 10 - Lesson 4 - Millilitres

This is "Year 2 - Week 10 - Lesson 4 - Millilitres" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Here are the PDF and word versions of the activity.


Watch me finally read Little Red here:

Story with Miss Q - Little Red

Next, I'd like you to chose a character, either The Wolf or Little Red and then write a character profile about them. Look at the pictures in the story as I'm reading to help you with the descriptions of the characters. You can also use pictures if you like.



We have spent a couple of weeks looking at habitats in science, so today I'd like you to design your own creature for a habitat of your choice! The crazier the better! When designing your creature, please remember to explain why you have made your creature like that. For example, giving your creature that lives in a polar habitat nice thick fur to help keep it warm, or giving a creature that only comes out at night some night vision goggles. I don't mind how crazy you want to make it, but you must give me a reason why! I've included my own example towards the end of the powerpoint. 

Have the best day, I'll speak to you tomorrow!


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