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  Suggested Day  

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 Go Noodle  - Get fresh with blazer fresh

 SPELLING SHED - 10 to 15 mins 

 Reading  - 15 minutes of quiet reading please

 Writing  - A piece of writing on an incredible artist for Art Week.

 WODB  - Number problem 3 (Video below)

 White Rose  - Lesson 3- Using scaling factors

 Art/PSHE  - The art of Kahinde Wiley.

WODB - Number problem 4

Lesson 3 - Using scale factors

Week 10 - Lesson 3 - Using scale factors" . Make things bigger and smaller by using proportional amounts and ratio.

 Writing and Art  - Art has always been a way for people to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings to the many just seem to use emojis which aren't quite as wonderful to look at but use the same concepts.


Today in writing, as part of Art Week, we will be looking at the art of  Kehinde Wiley. I'm sure that you have heard about the importance of the Black Lives Matter Campaign that is so prevalent in the news currently. With that important movement in mind, and thinking back to our work on discrimination, prejudice and racism earlier in the year, there seems like no better time to consider these issues again,but this time using the art of Kehinde Wiley.


American Presidents Portrait Gallery

News Round - Black Lives Matter

Art review - Kehinde WIley

Still image for this video

Art - Portraiture

Still image for this video
Introduction to a painting on portraiture inspired by Kehinde Wiley