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Hello all. I hope that you are well today.


I have set up accounts for each of you to use Charanga during music lessons for this half term. I will try to email a welcome letter with your login details to the contact details that I have for you but if you do not recieve one please contact the school with a working email address that we can send it to.



Today we will just complete the My Mini Maths as the English work is a longer session. 


I enjoyed reading through your descriptions that were sent to me yesterday. Thank you for those. Today we will continue with some description but we will focus on character description that can then be used to help with our narratives.

You will need to read up to the end of chapter 8 before starting the work for today. I have done a read through that you can listen to below if you prefer.

Use the lesson video below to get started. 

Holes - Part 1 - Chapters 6 - 8

Holes - Lesson 2 - Precise language and description

Still image for this video
You will need:
A pen or pencil, writing paper and a copy of the Holes text (PDF available on Monday's Daily Resources). Audio read through also available.


This half term we are moving on from looking at forces with 'Prof' Buis and will begin to investigate and learn about mixtures. Use the presentation below to start the first lesson off.