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As an added bonus to the day, lets have another chapter of Trash. We are nearly onto the last part.

May Fact: I like these facts, so I'm going to keep doing them.


An old superstition says that cats born in May will not be good rodent catchers and to top it off, those mouse loving felines will apparently bring snakes into the house. So don't get a cat this month if you are not a fan of legless creatures that hiss.


Right, back to work.



My Mini Maths: Answers in the Daily Resources.














Plotting line graphs: Check your answers using the video below where I run through the work.


Pie charts: Watch the tutorial on pie charts and then have a go at the questions in the Daily Resources.



D.E.A.R (Drop everything and read) - 20 to 30mins

SPAG: SATs Companion - subordinating conjunctions.

WRITING: Using the picture from the start of the week as a starting point, can you continue the story starter below and try to use a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences that we have worked on recently.


Story starter: He thrust out his lead leg and energetically vaulted over the hurdle. The resistance from the water made the 110 metre hurdles tricky (much more difficult than on land!), yet the athlete was responding well to the added challenge and pressure. After all, this was the first Olympic Games to be held under the sea…


Afternoon tasks:


SCIENCE: Can you guess what force you will be looking at this week? The picture is a clue.


Open up the power point and follow the instructions. All details are included but contact me should you have any problems.




Have a good day.



Plotting line graphs answers

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Reading pie charts

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