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Good morning my little super stars.




PE with Joe, or try this super yoga!

SUPER YOGA! - Stretch Safari | Fun Workout For Kids



Summer Term week 1 lesson 4 – measure length (m).

Have a go at the activity on this after watching the video. Can you remember how many centimetres there are in 1 metre?




Watch this video about ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ – watch up until 8 minutes in.

The Disgusting Sandwich

After this, write instructions of how to make a sandwich using things from the kitchen. You could make a delicious sandwich, or a disgusting one! Don’t forget to write a list of ingredients and the method. Check your steps can be followed easily by someone else.




Read a book of your choice today, or carry on listening to David Walliams. If you're on Lexia or Nessy you could use this time to complete some minutes on there too.




Please complete this table to remind yourselves of the parts of a plant and what a plant needs to help it survive. If you don’t have access to a printer you can make your own table and copy the words from the screen into your own tables



Join this live session at 2:00pm to create your very own pair of binoculars. you will need:

  • x2 toilet roll tubes
  • string/wool/ribbon
  • paint
  • glue
  • scissors
  • coloured paper
  • anything else you want to decorate with


Instructions for the binoculars are also found here if you don't want to access the live session. 

Have another great day, I'll see you tomorrow!


Miss Q heart