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Good morning everyone, happy St George’s day!


I got lots of feedback saying a lot of you enjoyed the code breaker task yesterday, I can make that a weekly thing if you guys would like. Today is going to be a bit more practical as we’ve had lots of activities to do through the week. I know the weather is going to be gorgeous and I’m sure a lot of you will be making the most of this and going outside, plus it gives you the opportunity to catch up if you want to.




PE with Joe, or you could make up your own workout routine like Joe suggested a week or so ago and challenge your parents, carers or siblings to do it with you!




Mrs Townsend has been doing some fabulous singalong videos that I would like to share with you. Today let’s singalong to keep on dancing as I really enjoy this one!



I love reading in my garden when the weather is nice. Can you find a nice spot outside to read for 20 minutes?

Well done to those who have completed their Lexia usage for the week.




If you want, I have another mystery quest for you, in this one you need help St George find his dragon! This is different to anything you’ve done before so email me or catch me over on the blog if you need help with this.



If you are in your garden today I’d like you to make a map of it like we did at school. You can label it and add a key. If you are going for a walk today you could make a map of the route you took.




I have two activities for you to choose from today:


  • Can you find 4 sticks and arrange them in a pattern like this? You can use chalk if you want to. Collect natural objects to use from around your garden. Put different amounts of objects in each row and column. Can you make each row and column total 10?



  • Collect a variety of different natural objects. Using chalk (or a pencil and paper), make a tally chart using the objects you have found. Which objects did you find the most of? Which object was hardest to find? Could you show your findings in another way?

Have a great day guys, I’ll see you tomorrow!


Miss Q heart