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Thursday 6K W2

Morning all,



I would like you to please plan a 15 minute warm-up routine for me please that I can film for the class to do each morning next week. It needs to be able to be completed at home, with no equipment and by all levels. 

If I get more than a few really good ones I will film a new one for each day of the week.


  1. Settle in and have a listen to the next chapter of Trash. Sorry it has been so long coming, I got a little side tracked. Video below.
  2. Let's have a go at identifying all of the features and events for the story of Arachne. Watch the tutorial on completing a story mountain and then have a go at doing your own.
  3. Take time to read your own book and enjoy a biscuit and a hot drink. Treat yo self'



  1. Take a morning to have fun with shape.  I would like you to have a go at creating some art using tessellations. Tessellations are simply the repeating of patterns. Watch the video and have a go.
  2. Complete any other work that has been set and if you are really on it, have a go at the Thursday activities on White Rose.


This afternoon:




Please have a go at filling in the fact file on Greece that I have set as a 2Do on Purple Mash. You can research the facts that you need using links below or do your own research.


Link 1 

Link 2

Link 3


Finish the day by watching Newsround. A lot has been going on, it is worth catching up on it.


Daily Resources

Story Mountain

Still image for this video

Tessellation Art

Still image for this video

Trash P3 Chapters3/4

Still image for this video