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Reception: Mrs Irving and Mrs Tweedie

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Welcome to our online class page. Here you will find important curriculum information about your child's time in our Reception class.


Home Learning 18.1.21




Weekend News 📰 - You should have received an invitation to today’s small group Zoom call which will be hosted by Mrs Forster. These short 10 minute sessions will take place between 9:15-10:15am. Please check the time for your child’s call in the observation that was sent via Tapestry.





Meeting ID 270 235 8799
Passcode 3jMycC


Meeting ID: 270 235 8799
Password: twizG8


Meeting ID: 951 2624 8715
Passcode: AUsFe9


Meeting ID: 919 0703 6715
Passcode: r2Ksrq


During the Zoom call, each child will have the opportunity to tell their friends about something they did either at the weekend or during the previous week, show something they have made or share a piece of work that they enjoyed completing. It is important that the children remember to take turns and listen carefully to each other, as they would be expected to do in class.


After the call, I would like each child to have a go at writing a sentence again. Please watch Mrs Forster’s video demonstration first and encourage your child to write independently. (It is really important that the children have a go at writing independently, rather than copy-writing.) You may find it useful to use the sound mat for your child to refer to as they write. Please note, we do not expect all words to be spelt correctly at this stage, especially if they contain sounds your child hasn’t learnt yet or if they are what we call ‘tricky red words’ which can’t be sounded out. If, for example. your child can only identify some of the initial sounds in words then that is what they should write. We hope you can all join in with this task today.


Remember, Mrs Forster has made a video to help you. Please see the observation: 'Weekend News - Video Demonstration 18.1.21'.


Phonics 🔤 - Our sound of the day is /igh/ and the phrase to help us remember the sound is ‘fly high’. Please watch the following video to introduce the sound: .


I have uploaded an image of the practise sheet to help you practise reading words containing the sound, or you will find a printable version of the sheet using the following link: . Please also have a go at writing the ‘igh’ sound. Remember to use the correct formation for the special friends: i = down the body, dot for the head (insect); g = round her face, down her hair and give her a curl (girl) and h = down the head to the hooves and over his back (horse).


Literacy 📖 - Today is our final lesson in the ‘Three Little Pigs’ unit. We will create a new story which will be based around the moral of taking advice. You will need some paper and a pencil if you would like to write some of your story at home, but it is okay to focus on telling your story orally. Watch lesson 10 from the Oak National Academy: .


Story Time Zoom call 💻 - Please join us if you can at 1:15pm for our story time Zoom call. Today’s story will be read by Mrs Forster. You can access the meeting using the following link:  

Meeting ID: 953 4093 6065
Passcode: Udc1z9


Maths 📟 - Today we will compare the mass of different objects using ‘heavy’, ‘light’, ‘heavier than’ and ‘lighter than’. Watch Session 1 from the White Rose Maths website here: . A resource sheet and activity idea have been uploaded to give you some suggestions for follow-up work that can be done at home.


Physical Development - Handwriting ✍️ Please see the 4 attached images (with the bullet points) for this week’s play ideas that support muscle development and handwriting. Today we will write the letter ‘i’ focusing on correct formation. It does not have to be written on the attached sheet, but it is there for reference. You can access a PDF of it to print here: . Alternatively watch the aeroplane form the letter correctly, then write it: .


Physical Development 🏃🏻 - If you are looking for something different to do at home, why not pick another of the ‘Physical Fun’ cards and try out the suggested activity. Remember, the activities have been designed to help you burn off some energy and they will work best if the whole family can join in!


Please see Tapestry for further details, including daily activities.



The children in Reception have individual Tapestry accounts. These detail what we will be doing each week, along with lots of photographs. It also has individual observations of the children and assessments from home can also be added. If you have any problems accessing these, please don't hesitate to contact us on our class email:



The children in Reception will be having P.E on Wednesday afternoons. Please wear jogging bottoms and trainers on that day along with your school jumper or cardigan on top. Please also bring a bobble for long hair!


Forest Friday

On Fridays we will visit the woods for our outdoor learning.

Please remember wellies!

Home Learning

Please access detailed home learning posts and information on Tapestry.  

We are including a copy of our daily post above incase there are any technical issues. 

A copy of the letter that was sent to parents in March can be found below and this contains an extensive list of websites that you may find useful at home.


 We would love to see what you are all getting up to at home so please share with us. If you have forgotten how to post an observation, there is an update titled 'How to add an Observation' on Tapestry to help you.


Please get in contact via Tapestry or the class email if you have any queries.


🌈  Stay safe everyone! 🌈 


At the bottom of the page you will also find some links to useful websites that we use in our classroom.



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