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Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April 2020


TT Rockstars - BATTLE

Our battle against the Year 3 class begins at 9am today.  Please log on to the website and answer those questions as quickly and as accurately as you can.  The battle ends at 3pm on Friday.  You can log on whenever you would like to throughout the week, especially if you have a few minutes to spare here and there.  Remember, it is a team effort.  You can do it Year 3/4!



Don’t forget to find some time today to keep active, either indoors or outdoors.  We don’t want you to spend all day on TT Rockstars!  Maybe you can involve the whole family in the physical activities too.  Joe Wicks’ daily live P.E. session can be accessed here:  



We will continue using the White Rose Maths home learning resources, following on from where we finished last week.  Remember to watch the introductory video and then complete the associated tasks.  Answers are provided for parents to check at the end.  Please follow the links below:  

Summer Term – Week 1

Lesson 4 – Order fractions 

Summer Term – Week 1

Lesson 4 – Order decimals



This week we will begin by using the slideshow from the Spelling Shed website to introduce the spelling rules.  Hopefully an adult can work through the slideshow with you and direct you with the tasks, using the lesson plan as a guide.  Feel free to adapt the tasks as you wish.


There are two versions of a newspaper report below, one slightly easier (age 7-9) and one more challenging (age 9-11).  Choose one to read and as you do so, think of the 5 Ws:

What has happened?

Who is the newspaper report about?

Where did it happen?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen?  Why is this story in the news?

Then have a go at answering the comprehension questions.  Look for evidence in the text and, wherever possible, answer the question in a complete sentence.  Please note, the last page of the document contains the answers.

Topic - Geography

Last term in class we looked at the location of Cumbria on a variety of maps and we identified the neighbouring counties.  Can you remember them?

Hint: there are 4 neighbouring counties in England and 2 in Scotland.


Task: use the map provided, or a map that you have to hand at home, to help you identify the location of counties throughout the whole of England.  There is an interactive game set as a 2D on Purple Mash for you to complete.


Try to set aside some time for independent reading.  If you are looking for something different to read, you will find a copy of the most recent edition of First News that we have under the ‘Children’ tab on our website.  


If you have a Lexia or Nessy login, don't forget to keep up with your usage.  Try to spread it out throughout the week in short blocks (i.e. no more than 20 mins at a time).