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Hello everyone,


Thank you to all those who have managed to send over a video. I'm still waiting on a few to come in.Once I have received them, myself and Miss Bradley will start working on the video. It has been lovely to see you all, but it has reminded me how long it has been since we have been together. Some of you seem to have grown so much.


I'm still very much into my yoga so start there today if that is your thing also.


  Suggested Day 

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  Yoga - Yoga Breath - Practise your breathing

SPELLING SHED - 10 to 15 mins (Our score is double that of second place)

Guided reading answers - Finally, answers in the DAILY RESOURCES below. Please read the next 3 chapters of Holes (Chapters 16,17,18)

WODB - Change it up today (Video below)

White Rose - Lesson 4 (We are catching up on lesson 4 from last week - Volume of a cuboid)

R.E - Lesson 5


Which One Doesn't Belong - Number 1

Can you find a reason why each number does not belong as part of the group of 4?

Lesson 4 - Volume of cuboids

Catching up this week as we learn about finding the volume of a cuboid (the space inside a 3D rectangular shape)

R.E - Lesson 6 - Ramadan

Follow through the video lesson. It would seem that the end of the video has no sound but the slides on the video should explain the tasks fairly well. For the last task - interview - try interviewing other members of your family or friends with the questions to find out what they think.