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Welcome back everyone, week 2 of the 2nd half of this summer term.

Please try to start with some exercise to get your day started. I am currently starting my day with some yoga which is great for preparing me for what I need to do and get my mind in the perfect state to work hard. Maybe try some for yourself with this 15 minute beginners session. I really like that it focuses on the breath, just like we did in class with our meditation.



In a one off session - we will start the week with a task that a few other classes have done recently. I would like you to do a piece of writing about a topic of your choice. A completely open write. The only rule is that it has to be something that you are interested in and want to write about. Other than that I have no expectations as to the length, genre of writing, style, content or presentation method. You choose. I would like you to take a full writing session to do it, longer if you need. I would suggest that you try to choose a very specific area e.g don't pick trainers, pick 'a history of Air Jordans'


Some examples that I might choose: Northumbrian fell runners, British 90s skateboard companies, the music of Aphex Twin, rock climbing in Northumberland, biography of the Author Isaac Asimov, how hula dancing tells the history of Hawaii etc


I would be happy to write for days on any of these subjects and it is that interest in the topic I want you to have with yours.


Start with these Flashback 4 questions in the video below. 

Next try the work on algebra in the Daily Resources. There is a video to help support you with the questions.

Complete the one step problems first and if you feel confident with them try the two step problems.


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Year 6 - Week 8 - Lesson 1 - Find a rule


We continue with our exploration into life as a Muslim in Britain today. With everything that is currently happening with Black Lives Matter - I think an understanding of different cultures and religions becomes even more important because knowledge helps stop the prejudice that we looked at earlier in the year by reducing fear from ignorance. Watch the video to get started.


R.E - Lesson 4

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