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I'm sure that you have all had a lovely break and hopefully soaked up some of the sun. Unfortunately, for the moment, we won't get to see each other in school as I had hoped we might, but that doesn't have to stop us from continuing to work hard at home.

Thank you for all the guesses for my dog's name; if we had named her ourselves there are plenty of your suggestions that we might have chosen but her actual name is Prudence - Pru for short. A tough one to get.

With that said, let's dive right into it then.


Spelling Shed: Video first and then 10 mins practice.

Words with 'ie' after 'c'

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A quick introduction to words that have 'ie' after a letter 'c'.

Reading: Hand in Date: Wednesday 6th June

Read the comprehension questions below ensuring that you understand each one. Next read the first 5 chapters of Holes by Louis Sachar. 

Make notes on the questions and be sure that you use evidence, quotes and page references to explain and support your answers.

I have created a Purple Mash file that you can use to answer if you prefer.


(There is a read through of the text if you are struggling with some of the language but please follow along with the reading).


  1. ‘The only trees are two old oaks on the eastern edge of the “lake”’. Why is the word ‘Lake’ written in inverted commas?
  2. Why would a camper at Camp Green Lake actually try to get bitten by a scorpion or even a rattlesnake?
  3. Write down 5 things that we learn about the character Stanley Yelnats in chapter 3.
  4. According to Stanley, what three things do you need to be a successful inventor?
  5. What is special about the name ‘Stanley Yelnats’?
  6. Why did Stanley think ‘well duh!’ when he saw the sign explaining what you were not allowed to bring to Camp Green Lake?
  7. Why is there no fence around Camp Green Lake?
  8. What does Mr Sir mean when she says, ‘ This isn’t Girl Scout camp’? 
  9. What does this tell us about the type of person Mr Sir is?
  10. After reading the first five chapters, what do we know about why Stanley has been sent to Camp Green Lake?

Holes Chapters 1 - 5


My Mini Maths - Reading line graphs revisit - (Answers in Daily Resources)



Watch the video tutorial - complete the questions in the Daily Resources and we'll mark them tomorrow. Email your questions over so that I can contact you and help where you need me to. 

Fractions to percentages

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Topic Work:

Islamic Civilisations - Over the last half of the Summer Term we will be focusing on learning about the Early Islamic Civilisations. This also links well with our R.E as we continue to explore what it is like to be a Muslim in Britain today.


Discover: Spend this afternoon making some initial discoveries into the Early Islamic Civilisation.

BBC Bite Size

Use the link above to discover some information about Islamic culture in the Middle Ages. Use this information on slides 7 and 8 to create a poster or presentation that explains some of the incredible things that the Islamic culture brought to the world. They had a huge influence on many things that we now take for granted.

The page should look like this to the left.

First read the information and then watch the video.








You can use some of the following headings that you will find on page 8 to help you organise your work. 

  • Knowledge
  • Culture
  • Trade
  • Architecture
  • War

Try to make your information as bright and appealing as possible but make sure that it is clear and easy to read.

Here is an example of how you can create an interesting layout but also make sure the information is clearly presented.


Email me your work when it is done so that I can have a look through it.


Finish your day with some quiet reading. Remember to quiz on any books that you complete.