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As usual, there are some suggested weekly tasks to complete over on My Maths, Spelling Shed, TT Rockstars and Purple Mash. Please only do what you can and remember there is no pressure to complete any of the tasks.

In My Maths we are recapping statistics. On Spelling Shed we are looking at the /o/ sound spelt after a after w and qu. I have also added another spelling list looking at another selection of the Year 2 Common Exception Words if you want to have a look at those. smiley




PE with Joe at 9am, or some mindfulness to start your day. I know we've been apart for a long time now and I know you'll be missing your family and friends. I miss you too! This mindfulness activity will hopefully make your mind feel less busy and little clearer ready to start the week.

Space Breathing | Guided Meditation for Kids | Peace Out ✌️👽

There is a bit of theme going on today, just for a change. smiley




What would you take with you on a rocket ship? Write down the things you would take with you in the writing frame below. If you don't want to print it, you could always draw your own rocket ship on lined paper if you have any and write in that.




Below you will find a link to some space themed challenge cards. You decide how many you want to do, I wouldn't expect you do them all. One from each page would be a suggestion. 



This is a fun activity where you read the instructions and colour in the planets the correct colour. If a printer is unavailable, you could draw your own planets and colour those in. smiley



The National Children’s Museum will talk to us all about rocket science through a fun experiment. I found this really interesting which is why I’m sharing it and I'm sure a lot of you will too. smiley


Follow the link below and watch the video.

If you'd like something creative to do today, I've included the recipe and instructions on how to make your own moon dough. If you have kinetic sand at home it's like that and it's a great fine motor skills activity to get those little fingers of yours moving!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the change today; I’ll be back tomorrow with more suggested activities for you all. Until then, have a great day!


Miss Q heart