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I hope that you all had a nice weekend, please leave a blog post or send me a message about what you got up to. It is always good to hear what you have all been doing.



Pick your warm-up. There are lots of choices that we have been through in previous weeks.



  1. MyMiniMaths (10 mins) - Answers in Daily Resources
  2. For the main maths this week there are two options.
  3. First - If you would like to keep practising fractions work including equivalent and addition and subtractions then head to White Rose  (Summer - Week 3) each day to keep practising those skills.
  4. Second - If you are either happy with fractions or can't face another fractions question, then start working on the data work with a look at averages and the mean average. Video below or you can read about the mean here.
  5. There are a few practice questions on calculating the mean in the Daily Resources. Questions at 3 levels with answers.
  6. Challenge problem. Create a set of 5 data values where the mean is not the same as any of the data given in the group.


* Always check on SATs companion as there are follow-up questions set for the week to practise skills and to help secure learning.



  1. Start with spelling Shed for 10 minutes - New rule.
  2. SATs companion reading comprehension.


Afternoon work:

These are extra tasks that can be done at your leisure. Do not feel like you have to complete them all each week.

  1. Carry on and complete the travel brochure that we started on Friday in geography.
  2. History: Greek Mythology

Discover why myths are told in the first place, then learn about some of the most famous myths (link below - Pick out the Greek myths or explore some myths from other countries).

Calculate the mean

Still image for this video