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For today, start with this Supermover on length and height with Mr Pumpernickel


Then please watch this for details on todays task.



Estimating length



Please complete the To Do on Purple Mash about the formation of nouns, adjectives and adverbs, then complete this worksheet. You can email it to me once you’ve finished. smiley



Please watch this video then answer the questions below. You can write them down, draw pictures or talk about it with an adult.


During Ramadan what different things might a Muslim do?

Some Muslims, including children, fast during Ramadan. If Muslims are fasting, what does this mean they are doing?

How do you think you would feel if you fasted and could not eat during the day?




I’m reading a story today, you can watch this or read a story of your choice.

Story time with Miss Q - Fantastic Mr Fox - chapters one and two

Have a great day, I’ll speak to you tomorrow!


Miss Q heart