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Monday 6K W2

I hope you had a nice weekend.


First things first people, a little nudge to remind you all to continue to read and quiz over at Star Reader. Just log in as usual and complete the quiz as and when you have read a book. I would like you to try to read for at least 20 minutes each day if you can. Find a nice cosy spot, a cup of hot chocolate and get lost in a book. 


Did any of you manage to juggle ? Continue to pick your own way to warm up for the day. I'm still following the Joe Wick work out and doing the occasional Just Dance. My current favourite is this one here. RASPUTIN.



  1. Spelling Shed - Well done to all those who had a go last week (Lots of Royal Bees). Lots of high percentages. New spelling rule this week that should help with our writing.
  2. Setting description - Video below with some tasks to get us started on our rewrite of Arachne.



  1. TTRockstars - I've set up a battle with year 5. Get on it to defend your honour.
  2. White Rose w/c 27th April - Have a go at the flash back for on White Rose. Then head back here to watch through the little video to help with the next topic - angle in quadrilaterals. You'll find it below.
  3. Complete the White Rose questions if you feel confident after the video or have a go at the questions below in daily resources if you want to practice a little before try the harder White Rose questions. Download a copy of word document - fill in your answers and then email it to me at the class email.


Choose your level of challenge and do your best.  


NT: There is also an Extra Challenge Task (downloadable below) for those who need even more challenge.


Afternoon tasks:

What I know - What I want to know

Use the Purple Mash sheet to write down what you know and what you would like to know about Ancient Greece.


Discover Ancient Greece

Have a little read through this page and find out a little about the Ancient Greek culture. Have a go at this quiz if you would like to test your knowledge. 



We are going to have a look at different aspects of Greek art. First have a look at the video on Greek and Roman art.

Next, using the guide to some Greek patterns in the daily resources, practice drawing some of the geometric Greek patterns and try to create your own using shapes around you and images from nature to inspire you. Remember the patterns should be repeating patterns - not too complex and made of geometric shapes.


Right, that's more than enough to be going on with. 


Mr K


Still image for this video

Angles in Quadrilaterals

This video shows why the angles in a quadrilateral add to 360 degrees. It shows you how to answer a typical exam questions.