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ICT - Previous Tasks

Please log onto Purple Mash and look for 'The Pirate Cat'. Click play and watch the animation. What did you like about this electronic book (e-book)? Have a go at creating your own e-book. Introduce the character for your story. The finished page should have a picture of the character and the name underneath in the text box. Click tools-2 create a story-launch-my simple story. Explore and create with the textured pens. Save your work. (Name-animated story book.) Miss Harries will look at your creations.

Hi boys and girls, I hope you enjoyed starting your animated story book last week! This week we are going to add to these. 

  1. Open your work from last week. To do this, go on to the 2create a story button and click Open file and find your file from last time.
  2. Continue the story by moving on the the next page (click the purple button on the right). You can now move backwards and forwards through the pages using the arrows.
  3. Remind yourself how to use all of the colour pens. 
  4. Create another page of the book. It could be about where your character lives or what his favourite food is for example. 
  5. When you have completed the second page, click the green play button at the top of the page to run the two pages together. You can move forwards and backwards using the arrows. 
  6. We can now begin animating! 
  7. Click the animation button (the person top right) and explore the different animations. Once the animation is chosen, run the the page (green play button top of screen) to see the picture animated. 
  8. Click the green play button at the bottom of the page to play the page you have just created. 
  9. Save your work. (click ok to overwriting)
  10. Parents - please recap the importance of saving work. 
  11. You can now add some more pages to your book. This could include: What your character likes to eat, what your animal likes to play with, where your animal likes to sleep, what kind of noise your animal makes. 

I can't wait to see your animations! Enjoy! 

Miss Harries