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Friday 24th April

Friday 24th April 2020


TT Rockstars - BATTLE

As I said before, I am so proud of you Year 3/4.  You rose to the challenge, worked as a team and your scores were absolutely outstanding.  The final totals:

Year 3 = 23,054

Year 3/4 = 21,480

Can anyone work out the difference between the class scores?

You are all SUPERSTARS! smiley

Hello Girls and Boys,

                               A big thank you to everyone who competed the science task. There were some excellent life cycles,illustrated beautifully. This week I am going to set another science task, but I am also going to set an English writing activity. I know Mrs Irving sets English tasks too, so if you are short of time please prioritise the science.

I would like you to look at the power point about animals again and draw up a table of the characteristics of each group of animal. You will revisit this topic again in year six; the last time I did it with a year six class they found it very difficult to know which group different animals belonged to. If you do this task well  now by the time you get to year six you will be brilliant at classifying animals.

                         Give it your best shot.

                                                Love Miss Buckingham

When you have written down the main characteristics of each animal can you please look at the pictures of the animals and sort them into groups. You can draw them or just write them if you are not a fan of drawing. 

There is a P.E challenge set by Miss White on out new Twitter page. I have posted my attempt, have a look at it.

                          Happy Friday

                                         Love Miss Buckingham