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Good morning guys, happy Fri-yay!


Warmups: Let's enjoy this nice calming session from Cosmic Kids called Sleeping Dragon.

Sleeping Dragon | Guided Meditation for Kids | Peace Out ✌️🐉😴🔥


It's time for Mr Kealoha's maths challenges again, please click the links below to the arty and number challenges.


Let's have a go at Miss Bradley's writing challenge today. smiley


Please enjoy the last chapter in your books today on Purple Mash. smiley



Yes I can! laugh


I'd like you take a moment to be calm and relaxed. Take slow and gentle breaths, in and out. It can make you feel better if you are worried, frightened or sad. This relaxation is one way that we can help keep our minds healthy. Another way to look after our mental health is to take time to think positively about ourselves. Think about all the wonderful things you can do. What can you do that you are proud of? Draw a picture for me or write about it.



That's all for this week, next week is going to look a little different, it won't quite be as structured. Have a fabulous weekend I'll see you on Monday. 


Miss Q heart