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Hi guys, we've made it to the end of another week!


Warmups: let's try this guided meditation today to calm us down before the weekend.

Peace Out Guided Relaxation for Kids | 4. Starfish

Maths: Mr K's arty and number maths challenges.

Please follow the links below to Mr K's challenges. My bubble and I completed the arty challenge this week, it's really good! Both challenges are also bug themed, which is so cool!

English: Miss B's writing challenge.

Please follow the link below to see what Miss Bradley has challenged you to do this week. smiley

PSHE: courage


Have a look at this powerpoint below about courage.

Can you make your own jar of courage? What would you have in yours? Write it like you would write out a recipe, there are some words at the bottom of the first page to help you, or you can use one of the other pages if you wish.

I hope you've had a relaxing day, we've covered a lot this week so today has been a little bit calmer! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and I'll see you all again on Monday.


Miss Q heart