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  Suggested Day  

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 Go Noodle  - Get fresh with blazer fresh

 SPELLING SHED - 10 to 15 mins 

 Reading  - 15 minutes of quiet reading please

 Writing  - Finish your writing on Kahinde Wiley - If that is completed could you please create a presentation for your favourite artist. This could be a poster, article, podcast or power point. Itis up to you.

 WODB  - Number problem 4 (Video below)

 Mr K's Maths Challenges  - Arty maths and ninja bed bugs

 D and T  - Finalising the design

WODB - Number problem 5

 D and T 

Today you will finalise your design for your digging machine and develop your idea by testing materials and then build your first prototype. Use the power point to guide you.