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It's Friday, let's bust a groove today and just be happy.



Don't Worry Be Happy - The Bench Men | Just Dance

Worked answers for yesterdays White Rose Maths questions | Very useful (please watch)

Still image for this video

Maths | Irreptiles puzzle

Have a go at this wonderful puzzle linked to some of the conversion that you have done this week and also a little work on using proportion.


Watch the video on parentheses and then head to SATs companion for a bit of practice. 


Once you have done that, carry on with your non-chronological report if it is not finished; try to add some parentheses or try improving your work by checking spellings, punctuation etc and improving sentences, description, details, facts etc


Send over a copy to the class page if you would like me to give some feedback.

Parentheses | Punctuation


Today you will be planning and designing an investigation, looking more closely at dissolving substances. Use the power point to guide you through the task and take care when you are choosing which variable to change. Remember, for a test to be fair - you can only change one variable at a time.

Make sure to send your ideas for your test over and I can help give pointers in need be.