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Hello Year 2, welcome to fabulous Friday!


What has been your favourite thing about being in Year 2?


Warm ups: PE with Joe, or try this mindful Cosmic Kids yoga - yes you can!



Yes You Can! | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids


We're doing something different today, please follow this link to look at position and direction, then there are four activities to complete. You don't have to them all, but they do look really fun!


I will be sending Big Maths CLICs to anyone who would like them, check your emails this morning!



Please head on over to Purple Mash to complete the final chapter in your book this week followed by an activity.



Can you pick out three words of your choice from Spelling Shed and write these out in your neatest handwriting? Three times please!



The London Sea Life Aquarium have filmed a closer look at one of their enclosures. We looked at habitats yesterday and today I thought it would be really cool to look inside a rock pool! I've included activities for you to complete after the session if you'd like. The video is 20 minutes long and requires an adult to have access to Facebook.


PSHE: anxiety and worries

We live in a very uncertain world right now and it's OK to feel worried and anxious sometimes - we all do and it's normal. We need to think of ways we can deal with these yucky feelings though.


Can you design your own bag? What colour is it going to be?

Once you have designed and made your bag using the template below (or create your own template), think about all the things that make you worry or feel sad.

What are the things that make you worry or upset you?

You could put in foods you don’t like eating, programmes you don’t like watching or memories that make you sad.

When you bag is full, you need to decide what to do with it. You could simply put it in the bin. You could tear it up or screw it into a ball. You could even keep it somewhere safe if you want to look back at it from time to time. The choice is yours.

I've also found this activity on how to make your own worry doll. I have one of these that I keep under my pillow. They take away my worries in the night. smiley

I hope you have a lovely rest of your day. Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!


Miss Q heart