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Good morning everyone. It may not feel like it, but today is the last day of term! Enjoy your week off. smiley Although things will be different for me after half term, I will still be here for you. You can also send me an email, type a message for us all over on the blog or even send me mail on Purple Mash. I will still be giving you suggestions of what to do with your day too, so don't worry about that - I'm sure you were! wink


Today's Mental Health Awareness week activity: go and play outside! Be kind to yourself and enjoy some fresh air, whether that means going for a walk or playing in your garden. laugh


Suggested activities for today: 


PE with Joe, or

Cosmic kids – this calming one is on how to beat nerves.

How to beat nerves! | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids


We’re playing a game in maths today. The game is suitable for 6-11 year olds but you can chose your difficulty throughout the game. I found this a lot of fun. smiley



I’m reading the very last chapter of Fantastic Mr Fox today! I hope you have enjoyed one of my favourite stories. If you have any suggestions for any other books you'd like me to read, no matter how big or small, let me know and if I can get hold of the book I'll read it for you. smiley


Story time with Miss Q - Fantastic Mr Fox - final chapters!


Let’s get creative! There is a selection of drawing exercises for you to do here.


For a bit of fun..

Scavenger hunt

You guys love a scavenger hunt! I like this one, as we need to find certain things that link to our five senses.

Have a great half term, I’ll leave you with this; it’s a lovely book called ‘The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown. It is a collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures with contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators. Hopefully this can help in some way. smiley


I miss you all – I’ll be back here on 1st June.


Miss Q heart