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It’s Fri-yay again!


Thank you all for submitting your work, I’m going to work on showcasing your masterpieces over the weekend so keep an eye out on the website on Monday for that. laugh




PE with Joe, or this yoga to relax you into the weekend…

Tallulah the Owlet | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!



Every Friday we will now tackle the BBC maths challenge. It tests your problem-solving skills, each question gets a little bit harder…are you up to the challenge? Bring it on!




Parents – can you give your child ten words in the present tense? E.g. walk, dance, laugh. Can the children write them in the past tense? E.g. walked, danced, laughed.




Pick the other five words from Spelling Shed that you didn’t pick last time and write these out in your neatest handwriting for me. Write each word out three times!




Well done to those who have completed their Lexia minutes. If you haven’t, aim to get 20 minutes completed today. smiley

I’m reading some more of Fantastic Mr Fox today – grab a cuddly toy, a snuggly blanket and get cosy.

Story time with Miss Q - Fantastic Mr Fox - chapters 5 and 6

For a bit of fun


Join Sea Life London live at 2:00pm and we’ll explore the penguin enclosure and meet some penguins! Follow this link:


There are also a couple of resources linked to penguins to help you find out more about these birds – although a certain someone is our class could tell us all about them!



Let’s finish this week by looking at our self-esteem and how we can build this during lockdown. Self-esteem means you mostly feel good about yourself. You’re proud of what you can do and believe in yourself – remember Dojo? In the mirror, can you write or draw as many things as you can that you like about yourself.

That's all from me for this week guys. Have a great weekend and I'll speak to you on Monday.


Miss Q heart