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Friday 6K W1

Keep emailing me your work. I have worked out how to mark it and send back copies for you. It's almost like being in class.


Wow, Joe Wick was a bit full on yesterday. Can you email me ways in which you are managing to exercise in your house and I can share some of them on the class page?

First of all head over to the Children's page and find the link to Kids First where you will find a copy of the Kid's First Newspaper to help you catch up on all of the goings on around the world.


We are going to have a go at rewriting the myth of Arachne next week. You should have had a go at creating a success criteria for myths yesterday but don't worry if you didn't. Have a look below for a guide (I've included some from the people who completed it on Purple Mash. Great job you lot).

Next watch this animated version of Arachne and make some notes about the story. This is the start of the planning for the writing next week.



  1. Well yesterdays Would You Rather was a little bit of an easy start (although you did need to do some long multiplication).The one you would have gone for if you wanted as many apples as possible was the 38 baskets of 12 apples. It gave you more apples to fill your belly.
  2. Have a go at this WYR (Would You Rather?) below. It's fractions today, so give it your best shot.
  3. White Rose Maths Friday challenge. Email your work to the class email.
  4. SATs Companion work that needs completing.




Watch my instructions video and complete the tasks this afternoon. You will find all resources below.

RE - Lesson 1

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Instructions for lesson 1

Alien Abduction: Muslim

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Find out a little background on what it means to be Muslim.

Would You Rather?

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