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Friday 17th April

Friday 17th April

Hello everyone. I am missing you all. I have been teaching at the Hub at Pennine way but there is not one of you from our class there. It's not the same without you all.

Our science topic this term is all about plants and animals. Later on this term we will be sorting animals and plants into groups, but first we  need to learn about the life cycles of each group. I am attaching a power point about animal groups. Choose one type of animal, e.g amphibian, bird or mammal etc and draw its life cycle. If you can photograph these and email them to me that would be great.

Your next task is to go outside and look for some of these creatures. I don't expect you to find any pandas or elephants in your gardens but you may come across some birds or insects! Can you keep a tally chart of how many you see of each one?

Friday is normally Big Maths day. If you are already on the ultimate challenge time yourself to see how quickly you can answer the questions, otherwise pick ten questions from the attached ultimate challenge and learn them.