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Friday 15th May

Friday 15th May 2020


TT Rockstars - BATTLE WINNERS! yes 

Well done Year 3/4!  You demonstrated impressive times tables knowledge and fantastic team work. 



Good Morning Year 3 and 4, 

                                Miss Buckingham here This is your work for science on Friday.

  I hope the sun shines again.

 Below you will find 4 attachments. One is an identification guide, and another a key. Reading a key is really quite tricky and need lot of practise.

Your task is to go for a walk or into your garden to look for invertebrates (creatures with no internal skeleton). These will be insects and generally little creepy crawly thingies such as slugs, snails,bees, centipededs etc. Look in damp dark corners, under stones, on the underside of leaves and under plant pots.  Dig a little in the soil. If you don't have a spade ask to borrow an old spoon. If you want to collect your creatures for observation on jam jars, then do, but remember to give them some food, water and air. Any photos of your favourite specimens will be gratefully received.

 If you know the name of the creatures, you find, can you please see if they fit the key. It is good practise to read it from the bottom up. The other 2 sheets are to help you record what you find.

This week I have found 3 types of snail, some massive yellow slugs and greenfly and white fly all over my rose buds, but not one ladybird. If you find any ladybirds send them my way.

If you are entering the art competition you could choose one of the creatures for your competition entry.

Happy hunting

                           Love Miss Buckingham