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What have we been doing?

Week 5 and 6: 
Please login to your Tapestry account to see photos, videos and details about what we have been doing in school and how you can help at home! 

Week 4: 

In numeracy this week we have been working on saying numbers and have used various counting songs and instruments to help us. We have also been learning our 'Learn its' we have learnt to quickly say how many fingers, hands, toes, eyes and feet we have! 

Phonics was very exciting this week as we started learning new sounds. We now know, m, a, s, and d. We have been learning how to say, read and write our new sounds. 

This week our theme has been emotions and feelings and we have discussed how our faces can help us to show different emotions. We have been working on a feelings rainbow and have been playing lots of games involving showing different expressions. We also painted our very own self portraits using watercolours and poster paint. These are on display above our role play area. 

On Wednesday we had our school photographs taken. Dancing Debbie also came to visit us and we also played some team games outside. In the afternoon we looked at some photographs and compared our shoes. These activities were done to help us answer our questions, "Why do people have different shoes in our class?" and "Why do people wear different uniforms?"
Afterwards we went to the woods and we explored in the woods and in the pond. We looked briefly at different habitats. We then shared the story Owl Babies and acted this out in the woods. We talked about how the babies felt at different parts of the story and compared it to how we would feel. 

On Thursday the children had an animal themed day with Miss Buckingham. They looked at animal bones, made animals out of carrots and played counting games.

On Friday we made our feelings rainbow, spent some time outside on the bikes and had a very special visit! We went to the big hall to watch a performance of Peter Pan. We loved this and were desperate to join in with the singing, clapping and pantomime themed silliness! I particularly enjoyed watching their expressions! 

Week 3: 

We have had a lovely but tiring week as it is the first time that we have all been together and have been in for the full day. We have really enjoyed getting to know our new friends and spending time exploring our classroom. Even though lots of mums and dads were worried about us being fussy eaters, we have been great at lunch time and have eaten lots whilst chatting to our friends.

We have spent most of the week getting to know each other, the grownups in our classroom and the classroom itself. We have really enjoyed playing in the doctors and hairdresser role-play and the outdoor construction area is also a real favourite.

We have been focusing on hearing initial sounds and oral blending in phonics and have been jumping across golden rivers and making meals for Fred our phonics frog. We have also been on treasure hunts in the woods, to look for familiar logos and signs.

In maths we have focussed on counting and 1-1 correspondence. We really enjoyed maths with the drums outside and our noise counting chants!  We also enjoyed using the mud kitchen in maths and looked at weight.

Molly and meadow were our stars of the week, well done to you both. 

Week 1: 

Welcome to the new school year!

We have had a lovely week in school this week, making new friends and exploring our new classroom and garden. We have shared some lovely stories and have found out lots about each other. We have been able to make the most of the lovely sunshine and have also been out on the bikes. Some of the children have had the chance to have their lunch in school this week. Please don't forget that the children all swap sessions next week!

It is lovely to see that everyone is settling into school so quickly and becoming so independent. The children are already hanging up their own things and putting their books bags in their special trays. 

We are all very excited to see what next week will bring!