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What did we do in 2014-2015?

What did we do in the Summer Term?
Week 1

The summer term is here already! Fortunately we have had lovely weather all week and have been able to make the most of being outdoors. 

This week in numeracy we have been practising ordering numbers to 10 and 20. We have also been working on our new 'learn it' facts 2+1 = 3 and 2+3=5. We have been focussing on sharing objects equally and have looked again at halving. 

In literacy we have been practising applying set 2 sounds (ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou, oy) in reading and writing. We also shared our news from the holidays with the rest of our class, wrote about it and displayed it proudly in the classroom. 

We have spent time looking at how to use computers and books to get information. Some children had become very interested in our mouths and how they work, so we used both of these to find out information. We then tried salty, sweet and sour foods, which produced some very funny faces!

On Thursday we had a very important job to do! Someone has seen mud piles and sticks in the looked suspicious! After reading a letter from Miss Watson asking for our help, there was much excitement and discussion about what it could be. We went to the woods for the afternoon to investigate and we discovered dinosaur bones!!! These are now displayed in our classroom. We have also learned about omnivores, herbivores and carnivores and made some tasty dinosaur poo! 

We have been playing lots of team games both indoors and outdoors and have talked about what makes a good team and how we can plan together.

Week 2

This week in numeracy we have been looking at shape. We have been shape detectives hunting for both 2D and 3D shapes in the outdoor area and have named them and discussed their properties, using vocabulary such as sides, edges, corners, faces, length, bendy and straight. We have also improved our fine motor skills, using tools to tap pins into 2D shapes on a cork board to create pictures and patterns. During the counting part of our lessons we have focussed on counting in 10s to 100 and have paid special attention to counting through 10s starting from any number for example 38, 39, 40, 41....67, 68, 69, 70, 71. We have continued with our learn its 2+1 and 2+3 and recapped our learn it's 1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5. We have also continued practising saying double 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 with rapid recall.

During literacy we have continued recapping set 2 sounds and have been applying these in reading and writing. We have focussed or writing around an animation that we watched. The animation was about boxes and it showed the many uses of boxes and was titled 'It's not a box.' This gave us lots of ideas for how we could use our new role play area, 'The imagination den.' To other people it looks like a pile of boxes and a basket of fabric, pegs, tape, string and scissors but to us it has endless possibilities and develops our fine and gross motor skills, as well as encouraging teamwork! We shared our ideas and then wrote these down to give our friends ideas when they are playing in the role play area. 

We have also been computer programmers this week and had a go at creating algorithms for Daisy dino to follow. There was great excitement when we learned that we can create a statement that means when you shake the Ipad, Daisy will grow and shrink! 

On Thursday we celebrated St George's day. We headed up to the woods with our props and all children joined in to create a cast for the story. This encouraged some further fabulous role play afterwards with an array of costumes and castle! What a fabulous imagination we all have! This was a great chance for us to verbalise our ideas, be in role and extend our vocabulary. 

On Friday we worked on our fine motor skills using tools to create fossils and our gross motor skills going on the adventure playground to practise moving and travelling in different ways. We also learned that materials are all around us and we had a go an naming some of these. We then put our science hats on and conducted an experiment. We were testing to see which materials were waterproof and which were absorbent.

Our stars were Charley for working hard and his super spelling and Marcie for trying hard and her positive attitude, well done to you both.

Week 3
This week in numeracy we have been counting to 100 in 10s and in 1s. We have also practised ordering numbers in 10s to 100. We have revisited our learn its and practised quickly answering double 1,2,3,4,5. We explored early multiplication looking at grouping objects and used ‘lots of’ to describe this. We have also looked at describing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and last place through lots of practical contexts.
Later in the week we had a go at estimating and weighing. During our carpet session Mrs Tweedie tricked us and we realised that the heaviest box isn’t always the largest box.  We then headed to the mud kitchen and up to the woods, working in pairs to make a heavier side and a lighter side. We then worked hard together in our teams to get the scales to balance, using vocabulary such as same and equal.
During literacy and phonics we revisited and applied set 2 sounds and we also shared the story of the three little pigs. We looked at punctuation and using our storyteller voice and then we acted out the story. We then had a go at retelling the story through independent writing.
On Monday afternoon we worked in teams to plan and make structures using different materials. On Wednesday we shared our special experiences homework and discussed similarities and differences.
We have also been doing our much loved dough disco to get our fingers and bodies moving, focussing on our fine motor skills.
On Friday we followed our interests and learned about volcanic eruptions. We used the internet to find out about the recent volcanic eruption in Chile and we had a very grown up discussion about what is and isn’t important in life! We then used a video to see how to make our own volcano. We then used mod rock to make this and we will see this erupt when it has dried and we have painted it. During circle time we discussed team work and reflected on how we have been a team player this week.
Our stars of the week were Oliver for looking so closely at our core values and Daisy for working so hard in phonics  well done to you both.
Week 4
On Tuesday we had a visit from Carlisle United and we played team games, tried to follow instructions, work as a team and follow the rules of a game. We continued our Tanka, Tanka skunk work and created a book to display our art work and we made our own drums.
In maths we practised counting to 100 and revisited our ‘learn it’ facts. We have also focussed on using our fingers to help us add and subtract accurately and have also used number lines to help us.
In addition, we have looked at doubling and halving through practical activities.  Mrs Tweedie has been doing some 1-1 maths assessments.
In literacy we have been focussing on looking at the main events in a story. We told our own stories to our talk partners, explaining what would happen in the beginning middle and end of a story.
In circle time we looked at working as a team to trick other members of our class during group games and even Mrs Tweedie! Even though we worked well as a team, we saw that teachers can spot a guilty face a mile off! We then discussed fairness as we have had lots of arguing and children not sharing this week. We shared our ideas and have displayed these on our core values board. We then shared with the group how we were going to show fairness from now on; lots of these examples included sharing toys and taking turns with siblings too, so please look out for this.
During our physical development time we headed up to the field. We had a go at creating our own games and trying to follow the rules. Lots of us decided to play a game of football together, but believed that there are no rules in football, so Mrs Tweedie explained the rules that we needed to follow and we worked hard to follow and remember these.
Our stars of the week were Albert for being caring and being a good sportsman and Nathan for having such a good imagination,  well done to you both.
What did we do in the Spring Term?
Week 1

Happy new year to you all! We have all settled back into school so well this week and it feels like we haven't been away!

We were introduced to our new topic 'Sunshine and Showers'. Copies of this should have made it home, but if it has not please get it here . We have already answered the questions, "Why is it windy?" as well as "Why are there clouds?". We really enjoyed using the hair dryers to help us understand that the hot air goes up and the cold air comes down. We created some windy paintings using art straws.

In numeracy we have been looking at 3D shapes (naming them and discussing their properties). We have used these to build weather shelters for animals/characters. We have made these using plastic shapes, building blocks, natural objects, junk modelling materials and items in our construction area. We have also looked at what capacity means and how to adapt our shelters so that they had a bigger/smaller capacity. 

During literacy we discussed what we had done in the Christmas holidays and applied our phonetic knowledge to write about this. 

During circle time we discussed what teamwork is and shared who we had worked in a team with this week, to achieve a goal. 

Week 2

It has been a super week for our weather topic as we have been able to experience rain, hail and snow!  We were able to answer our topic questions, "What are clouds?", "Why do we have clouds?" and "Why does it snow?"

During numeracy we have been looking at using language related to capacity such as, full, nearly full, half full/half empty, nearly empty and empty. We have also been ordering capacities and learning to use the scale on the container of our weather station to record the rainfall each day! We realised that the weather forecast that we checked at the beginning of the week was right, it would rain and snow lots! 

In phonics we have continued reading ditty books and are showing super progress! We are being brilliant teaching partners and Mrs Tweedie is very impressed. Lots of us are managing to read at home every night! Well done boys and girls! Please don't forget to ask your child to pop their book in the basket each morning if they need to have it changed.

During Literacy we have also been looking at poems by Shirley Hughes and on Friday we went outside to experience the snow. We talked about how it looked, sounded and felt. When we returned to the classroom we wrote a class poem about the snow and performed it using our best storyteller voices! We got so good at it that we even added some actions and filmed it on the IPad! The poem is up on the wall near the role play area with some lovely photos, please feel free to have a look. 

On Friday we had some scientists in the outdoor area! Mrs Tweedie had a selection of potions and the scientists used them to mix their very own potions in the mud kitchen! It was essential that the scientists made a prediction about what colour potion they thought that they might end up with and then they tested their theories. Some scientists were then keen to change the colour of the snow using a pipette and their potion! We had some very colourful snow until it melted.

We also had a visit from the library van this week and we got to choose a book to take home for a little while. Please keep an eye out for this in your child's book bag and return it to the library book box that is next to the school library book box in the classroom. 

During circle time we discussed the things that we have found hard, when working in a team this week. From this we are going to work together on sharing, listening to other people's ideas and finding a compromise!

Our stars of the week were Leo for being so enthusiastic about our topic and Millie for trying so hard with her writing. Well done to you both. 

Week 3

In numeracy we have been learning the days of the week. We have been singing songs, saying them to music, making paper chains and then they applied their phonetic knowledge to order them on the interactive whiteboard. They can sing the song and play the interactive whiteboard game at home: and

We were so good at saying and ordering the days of the week that we played some timed games and then we worked in the weather forecasting area in the role play area to present the weather, for each day of the week. Please look out for some of these on Tapestry next week. 

We have also been using the computers and IPads this week as part of our orange challenges. After checking the weather locally and around the world and watching some weather forecasts as a class, we used the IPads to check the local weather and then created our own weather forecast. Boys and girls you can do this again at home using this link: 

We had a lovely arty afternoon on Monday, using oil pastels and water colours to explore the different textures and effects when using different materials. We thought carefully about the colour of the clouds and the sky during different types of weather and we then created some cloudy pictures. These works of art are displayed on our 'I'm proud of Board.' Please come in and see them.

During Literacy we have been working on reading our Ditty books focussing on finding and reading 'special friends' 'qu', 'th', 'sh', and 'ch'. We have also been looking at adjacent consonants such as 'cr' in crunch and consonant clusters, focussing lots on 'spl' for example when writing 'splish, splash, splosh' in our weather work. We have realised that they are three different sounds, s...p...and l but together they make 'spl'. We were looking at how important it is to remember all three of these sounds when we are writing. We have also been looking lots at different vocabulary to describe the weather and have been using these when presenting weather forecasts. 

In PE we have focussed on ball skills and control. We practised throwing over arm and under arm with two hands, and one hand. We then made it more challenging by seeing if we could alternate the hand that we were throwing with.  We also tried catching with two hands and then one hand. We have also used the parachute this week. We worked hard as a team to create a small breeze, then a blustery, icy cold wind. We also had a calm warm sea, then a rough choppy sea! We finished the session by describing a peaceful warm summers day, exploring sounds, sights, smells and textures before taking off in a hot air balloon using the parachute. There was much excitement at this part!

Sophie and Nathan got the certificates in Celebration Assembly for showing commitment to our core values. Our stars of the week were Daniel for his super reading and writing and Isla, because she just keeps on trying with everything that she is doing. Well done to you all. 

Week 4

In numeracy we looked at measuring time in simple ways. We have used the timers lots and have seen how many things we can do in 1 minute. We realised that it can be tiring to jump for 1 minute and then keep trying to improve our scores! We learned why the clock makes a ‘tick tock’ sound and counted to 60 watching a timer on the IWB to see that there really are 60 seconds in one minute. We practised our throwing an catching skills with a ball in PE and timed how many we could do in 1 minute. We then sequenced activities during our day by drawing pictures and adding labels. We used language such as morning, afternoon, evening, night time as well as soon, after, later, before and next.

In literacy we have continued to learn new sounds/revisit sounds and practise applying these. Please keep an eye out for books in book bags and sheets to practise. If these need changed make sure your child puts them in the basket each morning. We have focussed lots on language and vocabulary, by describing the weather using our senses and sharing our fabulous ideas. We have learned that there are better and more descriptive words than ‘cold’. Can you think of any at home? We also now really understand what ‘It’s as cold as ice” means!

It was have been a funny week for weather this week and we were very excited to see the snow begin to fall! Just as we had put coats on wrapped up warm it stopped! So we changed our focus and instead took out the windy day box. We again talked about the answer to our topic question, “Why do we have wind?” We used our windy day toys to see which direction the wind was blowing. Later in the day we also go to experience sleet.

The snow came this week and what a fantastic time we had. Lots of boys and girls couldn’t make it into school, but the ones that did had a lovely day. We spent lots of time in our outdoor area. We felt ice and snow. We worked hard as a team to clear paths and saw how grit can make our outdoor area safe. We used pipettes and sieved powder paint to change the colour of the snow and then worked hard to build a giant snow castle. We realised that if we packed it into the tub really tighten it made a nice, solid cylinder shape. We cut doors and rooms out of this to create spaces for our small world people to hide in. We also built a class snow man. Give him a wave as you come into school, he’ll be pleased to see the little hands that created him!

On Friday  we went back out side to explore again. The temperature had dropped and the snow  and water had frozen, so we had lots of ice! Outside there was a frozen small world set up, and arctic small world scene and even a Pluto scene filled with rock, ice and astronauts!

We have also opened up our space role play area with the adjoining space travel agents. The children have been busy finding out about different planets using the brochures, planning trips and blasting off into space. We also opened up a cafe in the shared area. The children are really enjoying using this social space and are having great fun practising social skills. It is a nice opportunity for them to play with Mrs Wise’s children too.

Leo and Oliver got the certificates for showing commitment to homework. Our stars were Daniel (for working hard on his reading) and Eric (for being a super member of our class). Well done to you all. 
Week 5

In numeracy we have continued to look at time. We have focussed on reading the time, using language related to time (such as after, before, later, morning, afternoon, evening, soon etc.)  and ordering events. We have been practising reading the time to the o’clock and have applied this by playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’. This game has been a real favourite and is now being played lots in the playground.

We have also been looking at ordering the months of the year. We found out when our friends have their birthdays and shared a story about Kipper and what he did through the months of the year. We had some presents with our names on to show whose birthday it is that month.

On Friday we did a data handling activity. After snack we used our empty milk cartons and water cups to create a graph. We used this to see how many children drank water and how many had milk. We then practised using the language of most and fewest.

In literacy we have been looking at the story of Noah’s Ark and have been performing a song linked to the story. We have been using expressive voices and adding actions. Next we will make masks to wear for our final performance.

We have also answered our topic question “Why does the moon go split to split?” We now know that the moon travels round the Earth each month and that he doesn’t have his own light, he borrows it from the sun (the sun shines on him to light him up). We see the moon at different angles, we can only see so much of the lit up part. We now know that the moon isn’t a circle, it is more like a sphere and it doesn’t change shape. We created some lovely moon prints and learned the name of each part at each phase.

We had a lovely dance session on Friday where we practised moving in our own ways to our Noah’s Ark song. We also visited the library again.

Lucy and Daisy got the certificates for showing commitment and keeping on trying. Our stars were Oliver (for making good choices) and Tilly (for being brave and trying hard with her blending). Well done to you all.

Week 1

This half term we will continue our topic of weather, but we will focus more on growth and how weather can affect this. We will also look at the changes that Spring brings. So, during Expressive Art and Design we created garden themed small world and role play areas. Our small world area focuses on planting vegetables and our role play area includes a shop next to the garden to sell produce (to help us practise and apply our numeracy skills).

In Numeracy this week we have been working on addition. We have been adding in lots of different practical contexts and have been practising writing number sentences. 

In Phonics we have been practising applying the sounds that we have been learning and Mrs Tweedie has been doing individual phonic assessments. In Literacy we have been looking at following instructions and linking this to our programming work. 

During our Knowledge and Understanding session we went on an adventure around school to look for technology.We realised that technology is everywhere! We looked at the computers, monitors, projectors, speakers, TVs, CD players, phones, headphones, play tills, library scanner and the server etc. We then had a go an using the photocopier and our favourite piece of technology - the magic key! 

On Friday we spent the day belatedly celebrating Chinese New Year. We found out what year we were born in and what animal this is. We then spent time learning about different customs and traditions. Later we looked at ingredients, and talked about safety and hygiene before chopping them up. We then cooked and ate our delicious stir fry (which disappeared very quickly!). Afterwards we did a Chinese themed dance. 

Our stars were Lucy (for being brave) and Evie (for keeping on trying). Well done to you both.

Week 2

This week we have continued working hard on applying our phonic knowledge and continued with our phonics assessments. Details of these will be put on Tapestry in due course. Please keep an eye out for these. 

In maths we have been looking at addition in practical contexts, counting forward and backwards in 10s and recording addition sentences. Homework for this week is a little booklet to practice number recognition and number formation. Please let me know if it hasn't manged to make it home! 

We we have looked lots at healthy eating and other ways to keep healthy. We observed the effects of exercise in our bodies in Pe and talked about the blood pumping around our bodyies. We have also looked at the main food groups and used foods from these to create healthy body artwork. 

We we have had some fantastic programmers in our room this week! We know that an algorithm is a sequence of instructions and have been coding our own algorithms to control the Beebots. 

We have also had lots of book characters in our classroom! We spent time being read to by year 3/4 children and some of us even read our reading books to them! We then talked about our props to the other children in our class and then did some fantastic writing about these. 

Our stars were Leo (for his super sentence) and Sophie (for Her super effort in Big Maths). Well done to you both.
What did we do in the Autumn Term?
Week 1
Although it has just been a short week, it has been lovely to welcome so many little excited faces into school! We hope that during your time here you make lots of happy memories and have the very best start in your school adventure. We are very lucky to have you all! 
Week 2
It has been a lovely first full week in school; we have had lots of fun exploring the classroom and outdoor areas. Everybody is settling in well and it is lovely to see so many happy faces.
Week 3
We have had a very busy week this week getting to know each other as we have had our first week as a full class. It has been lovely to see lots of the children making new friends as well as catching up with old friends.
During numeracy we have been practising lining up a group of objects, and counting them one at a time. We have been counting to 10 and 20, both forwards and backwards and have thoroughly enjoyed including 'blast off' when we are counting!
In literacy we have been focussing on looking at labels and talking about ourselves. We have also been to our first Carlisle United PE session and the children thoroughly enjoyed playing a pizza delivery game with cones to practise negotiating space successfully.
Our topic ‘Down in the Woods’ was introduced this week and we have discussed what we already know and what we would like to find out. We have got some very interesting ideas, questions and suggestions which will be interwoven into our topic.
On Friday we went to our first ‘Star of the week’ assembly, where the whole class got a star of the week for how well they have all settled into school. All of the infants gave the reception class a big round of applause and there were lots of very proud faces in Mrs Tweedie’s class!
Week 4
In numeracy we have been practising counting objects and number recognition and applying this knowledge in a range of contexts within the different areas of provision in the classroom.
We have begun phase 2 phonics and have introduced the letters S, A, T, and P. Each night the letter sheets have been sent home for the children to practise as homework. It has been lovely to see how many children are excited by this and have been handing them in with pride each morning. Thank you for your support and well done boys and girls!
It appeared to be a very popular choice during our topic session last week, so the story 'The Gruffalo' became the focus text during literacy this week. We have used the text to explore joining in with stories and have acted out different emotions as well as discussing characteristics of characters in the story.
On Tuesday we were very busy being 'hands on' exploring what happens when one hand is filled with black paint and the other is filled with white. We used our messy hands to create a rock effect on paper to decorate our role play area ‘The Gruffalo’s Cave’.
The children have been keen to use the puppets and masks to retell the story in the role play, reading and small world areas. We opened the Gruffalo’s Kitchen in the outdoor area and have been busy using our imagination, as well as a range of natural materials to make owl ice cream, roasted fox, scrambled snake and Gruffalo crumble. Some children have been busy in the construction area making homes for the characters in the story.
On Thursday we did a Gruffalo hunt in our school's wood. We were able to find the animals from the story using positional language. We then collected treasure (natural materials) from the "Gruffalo’s woods" to discuss and add to The Gruffalo’s cave in our classroom.
On Friday we played some phonics games and practised writing our letters outside. We also had some time outdoors to use the balance bikes and scooters.
Our stars of the week this week were Oliver and Violet. Well done to you both. 

Week 5

We have been having a good look at numbers this week, focussing on the formation of numbers 1-4 and carefully counting the right number of objects. We gave the Gruffalo one poisonous wart on this nose, the owl was given 2 wings, we printed the three little pigs and drew four, four sided shapes. 

During Literacy we have been reading 'The Gruffalo's Child' and spent time thinking about how the animals moved and felt. We then chose our favourite performance to have this photographed and wrote about these in our Literacy books. 

We have had a 'snow tray' (flour) in our Literacy area and have had great fun making tracks in the snow like the creatures in 'The Gruffalo Child'. We have used it to practise our new letters (graphemes) of the week (i, n, m, and d). Practise sheets have been sent home each night. Please make sure that your child practises these. 

In topic we have spent time talking about ourselves, discussing things we like to do and things that we are good at. The children shared some lovely ideas with their class. In music we have had great fun making snake shakers. In PE we looked at finding a safe space, moving in different ways, at different speeds. We used 'The Gruffalo's Child' as a prompt for this.

Our stars of the week this week were Tilly and Charley. Well done to you both. 

Week 6

I'd just like to start by saying it has been a really super week this week and so many children have been dipping into the treasure box to take super cards home. A huge well done to you all! There will be lots of exhausted little ones weekend, as we have been so busy this week bear hunting! 

On Monday we shared our text of the week 'We're going on a bear hunt'. We talked about feelings and how bear might have felt at the end of the story. Then...we had a visit from bear himself! The children had lots of questions for bear and we decided that actually he probably felt quite lonely and sad. Lots of the children decided that they would like to invite bear to their house and he even got asked if he would like to come on a family holiday!

On Tuesday afternoon we re-enacted the story of "We're going on a bear hunt". We ventured up to the school woods, trekking through swishy swashy grass, splish spolshing in a 'river', squelching through mud, stumble tripping through the forest and whirling through a tissue, paper and glitter filled snowstorm! We took some fabulous photos and have used these to star in our own movie and create our own version of the story in a class book. We have also used various materials to create collage pictures from the story to add to our book. 

We have been using the interactive whiteboard lots and have had Michael Rosen performing his story on this, which many of the children have thoroughly enjoyed joining in with. During PE we focussed on using our whole body to move in different ways, linking this to the story of "We're going on a bear hunt." 

We've been blending, blending and doing more blending, to put the sounds that we already know together to make words. We have also played a race car blending game. When the car is under the letter (grapheme) we say the sound (phoneme). As the car gets quicker and quicker we say the sounds faster and faster until we have blended them together to read the word.

In numeracy we have been focussing on shape. We have been joining in with a super shape song, finding shapes in the sand and describing their properties, building models using shapes and printing shapes with mud 'paint'. We spent time being shape detectives, searching for shapes around school. We have also been looking at using positional language to help describe where 'cheeky chick' is hiding in our classroom! 

We did not get a chance to announce our stars of the week this week because we had our Glow for Guide Dogs assembly. This was a super assembly where we got to find out what it is like to be blind and met a real guide dog. But our lucky stars will find out who they are on Monday. 

Week 7

This week we looked at the story of Hansel and Gretel. We have changed our role play area in to the forest using paint mixed with sand to create a large gingerbread cottage on the wall for the witch! We have also looked at different materials and used these to create sweets to decorate the cottage with.  

During literacy we have been creating wanted posters for the role play area! We have written these on behalf of the witch who is looking for some other children to cook! These feature some familiar faces and there was great excitement when these were discovered on the wall! 

We have been looking at pattern in numeracy and have been painting and sticking various patterns using colours and shapes. We have been baking some wonderful gingerbread cottages too and decorated these with patterns using sweets. Hopefully you enjoyed these at home - if they made it that far!

On Thursday we focussed on looking at the changes that the seasons bring. We went up to the woods with the IPads to take photographs and videos and we are going to return in a few weeks to do this again, so that we can really see the difference. We brought some 'signs of Autumn' back to the classroom and created some lovely leaf prints for our topic books.

On Friday we also discovered that you don't just have to see patterns, you can also hear them, so we had a super body percussion session creating and copying patterns. 

Our stars of of the week were Albert and Daisy. Well done to you both. 

Week 1

We have come back after half term nice and refreshed and excited to find out about our new letters and sounds. I can see that lots of the children have been practising using their phonics packs. Well done to you all!

During numeracy we have started looking at early addition and subtraction. We have been playing a game called 'Get on the Bus' to help us to understand this. 

During topic this week we have been looking at habitats and the role play area has been made into a mini beast investigation station. We have had great fun being detectives and went exploring the woods. We were looking for animals in their habitats and had a great time digging and managed to find lots. 

Debbie from Cumbria dance has been teaching us PE this week as well as Carlisle United. We had a super dance session using one of our favourite books (The Gruffalo) as a stimulus. It was a super session and great fun was had by all of the children! We are very excited about next week's session, where we will be doing more dancing based around The Gruffalo's Child. 

Our stars of of the week were Lucy and Marcie. Well done to you both.

Week 2

On Monday we learnt all about Remembrance Day. Afterwards, we spent time exploring different printing materials to create poppy pictures for our Remembrance Display. This can be seen above the cloakroom. 

On Tuesday we went to the whole school Remembrance assembly and all wore our handmade poppies with pride. Mrs Tweedie and Miss Grimes were very proud of how well we behaved.

On Wednesday we went outside to investigate habitats! We found lots of spiders webs hiding around school as well as a lot of worms! It was also nice for us to see how many mini beasts are staying inside the Minibeast Hotel in our outdoor area. 

In numeracy this week we have been looking at addition and how to write this as a number sentence. We have realised that there are different ways to make 5 and have looked at this in many different contexts. 

In phonics we have been learning the sounds v, y, w, th and z. We have been practising our Fred and Lily talk and have been using our Fred fingers to help us with our spelling and learning how to use these when we are writing. 

In Literacy we have been writing facts about minibeasts. On Thursday, we each produced a super interactive 'Who am I?' sheet, which gives clues about who is hiding behind the leaves!

On Friday we did some more dancing with Debbie. We had a super session, moving in different ways, pretending to be the animals from the story. We also practised our marching, skipping and swimming like a fish. We also changed our library and reading books. During circle time we discussed how we felt during the Remembrance Day Service. 

Our stars of of the week were Nathan and Callum. Well done to you both. 

Week 3

We began our week with muddy maths! There were some very realistic looking worms that had set up camp in the mud pit in our classroom. We had great fun putting these in order of length.

This week we have looked at nocturnal animals and have had great fun doing this. During Literacy and phonics we have been learning our final set 1 sounds and applying these in our writing in different areas of the classroom. We have also used the Ipad app 'Dark Night' to hear a story about a nocturnal animal looking for a home. We then used the scene creator that it provided to create our own scene and applied our phonic knowledge to add a speech bubble to it. Afterwards the children were filmed holding their Ipad, telling a story to match their scene. There were some fabulous storytellers!

The mud kitchen has been very busy this week as some children have been cooking up a storm, making dishes for nocturnal animals. The outdoor construction area has been very busy too, as many animal dens have been made. 

On Friday we discovered that we'd had some visitors to our mud cafe! The cheeky things had left their footprints all over the outdoor area. We used track sheets to determine who had visited the cafe during the night. It turns out that a fox and a badger had been! Perhaps they were keen to sample all of the delicious dishes that had been created in the cafe during the week! 

Our stars of of the week were Harry and Jack . Well done to you both. 

Week 4

On Monday and Tuesday I was out on a course. The children spent Monday and Tuesday morning with Mrs Cameron learning about the seasons and hibernation. During Tuesday afternoon they worked on tapping out rhythms using sticks with Miss Carruthers. 

On Wednesday and Thursday we looked at ordering the seasons and the children discovered what month and season their birthday is in. During Literacy we looked at non-fiction books and discovered that they can tell us lots of information. We used these to learn lots of facts about bears.

On Friday we completed our Gruffalo dance with Debbie. We have filmed this and will have great fun watching it on the big screen next week. We had our final visit to the library for this term, so please bring back any books, so that we can check them back in and we can start again in January. We had a very exciting afternoon on Friday - we were in school in our pyjamas!!! We prepared for hibernation by making sure that we'd eaten, collected food, supplies and enough blankets and were warm and cosy ready to sleep through winter. There was some panic from some of the children when we "woke up" to go to stars assembly, "Have we really slept through Christmas? Did we miss Santa?"

Our stars of of the week were Lucas and Blanka. Well done to you both. 

Week 5

Reception have had a very busy this week this week! On Monday when the children came into the classroom they realised that somebody had been in and had stolen Autumn! The snow covered windows with messages was the first clue, and when they got inside the classroom had turned white there was glitter and snow everywhere; even the role play area had been frozen!
There was evidence all around the room and they realised that this was too big a case for reception to solve, so they called in the help of PC Story who is a real police officer! She helped the children photograph and bag up the evidence and then solve the case! Afterwards they got the chance to
try on police kit, get their fingerprints taken and ask lots of questions. Well done detectives!
In numeracy we have been looking at ordering things by height focussing on using the words tallest and shortest. During our police photo shoot we used a height chart and meter ruler and realised that most of us are taller than 1 meter. During challenge time, lots of the children have been building towers as tall as they can for Elsa, Olaf and Anna.

During Literacy we have continued to looked at non-fiction books to learn lots of facts about polar bears. We have also completed phonics assessments to ensure that all children are secure with the graphemes that we have been learning and are able to apply their blending skills. We also made an wrote some fabulous thank you cards to PC Story. 

On Thursday we went to Whinlatter on our school trip. Here we read the story of the Gruffalo's child, went on a Gruffalo trail and then watched a shadow performance of the story. Afterwards we had our lunch and then carried a Christmas tree back to the bus to take back to school.

On Friday we completed our weekly challenges and started creating a Christmas dance with Debbie. We also had a visit from the reception children in Mrs Wise's class and we practised our songs for our nativity together. We are very excited for the performance!

Week 6

This week we have had a big focus on expressive arts and design.  During literacy we have explored the story of the Snow Queen and have drawn parallels with frozen. We have performed the story during role play sessions and have had great fun retelling and creating our own versions in the role play area.

During PE we finished and performed our Christmas dance. Afterwards, Debbie shared a lovely music box with the children which contained lots of toys from the past. The children really enjoyed looking at these and were very shocked by its contents! 

We have also been practising lots in preparation for our Nativity performance and are really enjoying singing the songs. You are in for a treat if you are coming to see the performance next week!

In phonics we have been practising 'Fred in your head'. This is where we say the sounds in our head, blend them together and then just say the actual word out loud. During numeracy this week we looked at patterns and have continued some lovely repeating Christmas patterns. 

Week 7

We have had a Santa's Workshop in the classroom this week and the little elves have been very busy making Christmas cards and designing, making and wrapping presents. We also looked at changing materials and saw how icing sugar changes when water was added, when we created melting snowmen biscuits. We also saw how salt, flour and water change when they are combined to make a dough. Please check their book bags as your little star has made you a little present. 

On Wednesday we performed our fabulous Nativity performance. I'm sure that you will agree it was a fantastic performance and the children made us all very proud. Well done boys and girls! Please look out for their photograph in the nativity section in this week's Cumberland News. 

On Thursday it was party time! We came into school dressed in our party clothes and wrote our Christmas cards and wrapped presents. Then we headed up to the hall with Mrs Wise's class and played some great party games. During the afternoon, we watched Happy Feet to look at cold habitats and had some party food. 

On Friday we went to Wetheral Church to perform in the Carol Service. Afterwards we headed back to school and watched and discussed the snowman, to link with our winter work. Finally, we had some more party food (!) and wished our friends a Merry Christmas. It was lovely to see milk cups being carefully clinked (!) as lots of little "cheers" filled the room as they wished their friends a Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas everybody, enjoy the holidays! See you next year!