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One week of hard work until a break

Hello everyone,

This week the children will be revisiting direct and reported speech in literacy, this will enable them to turn the play scripts that they wrote last week into a piece of narrative writing.
During topic lessons they will record their investigations into the lunar cycle, with diagrams showing the phases of the moon.


After that they will be creating a model that demonstrates how the planets orbit the Sun.

In maths, apart from the daily Big Maths sessions, they will be revisiting addition and subtraction of numbers with 2 decimal places. Specifically, they will be using online shopping sites to price up the ingredients for making a cosmic galaxy cake and using their core numeracy skills in a real world context. Many of them seem to like expensive ingredients. There is also an opportunity for the children to challenge themselves and look at converting measures.

During P.E they are going to be running longer distances with Harry, and continuing volleyball skills with me.

We will hopefully have a chance to create a large class cosmic impressionism picture towards the end of the week.

Have a good week and enjoy half term next week (don't forget to practice your learnits and to check for My Maths and SPAG homework.


Mr Kealoha