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Mission to Mars

This week is an exciting week for the children. It has come to my attention that NASA (National Administration for Space and Aeronautics) is accepting applications for future explorers to Mars. The children will be sending in their applications to be a part of this exciting opportunity. NASA have some extremely challenging tasks for the children that will test all the necessary skills needed for space exploration and colonisation.

In maths we will be focusing on problem solving skills, specifically identifying, understanding, how to read and how to approach these questions.

The 'Cosmic Impressionist' art that the class are creating look fantastic and I am excited to see the final pieces all over our ceiling, creating an immersive cosmic experience for all.
In history we will continue to look at the Space Race, specifically NASA's role in the progress.

In geography we will be identifying the  human features that are necessary to set up and support a colony on Mars. 

It is sports day this week and I'm sure that year 5 will try their hardest in each event.